Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weathervane Wood Window Rot Repair

Wood window rot repair is our specialty. Unlike most window companies, we can do glass replacement in Weathervane, Pozzi and Marvin wood windows, along with rot & repair of casement windows, window sills and wood window frames. Our wood restoration is NOT done using Bondo to fill holes. We fix a window by simply cutting out and replacing the rotten sections of window frames using quality replacement parts or custom cutting new Fir wood to fit on-site.

Here is an example of a recent Weathervane wood window repair. While doing window glass replacement on a home outside of Issaquah, we discovered a window sill was mostly rotten.

Pozzi wood window repair

After removing the Weathervane sealed window casement sash in preparation for window glass replacement, we cut and removed the rotten wood sill, leaving behind only what was still solid.

Pozzi window repair

Now we custom cut new Fir wood to the exact dimensions we need to replace the rotten sill. By using screws instead of nails we insure it will not loosen in the future. All surfaces are primed (red paint you see) before installing. Then it's well caulked with flexible, paintable caulk.

Weathervane window rot repair

Finally, we do our Weathervane glass replacement service on the sealed sash wndow casement and reinstall it. The new window glass has been upgraded with Low-e and Argon to make it more energy efficient than before. Now all that is needed is a new coat of paint and you'll never be able to tell we replaced the window glass along with the window sill replacement.  This Weathervane wood window is good to go for another twenty years!

Weathervane window repair

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