Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pozzi Wood Window Rotten Sash Repair

Our Pozzi Wood Window Sash Repair
One customer had a Pozzi Wood Window sash with a rotting bottom sash and a failed seal in the double pane glass unit. The sides and top of the window sash were fine, along with the sill plate, so we simply replaced the bottom sash by custom cutting a replacement out of Fir right there on the spot. The new sash was primed and all screw holes filled with putty. The frames were left ready to be painted by the customer at their request.

This customer had received quotes for replacing the entire wood window that were three and four times what we charged her for simply doing glass replacement and a little custom wood rot repair. An entirely new window would not have matched her existing Pozzi windows, while after a fresh coat of paint on her window sash our window glass replacement and repair is impossible to detect.

Pozzi window repair

Pozzi window replacement

Pozzi wood window rot repair

Pozzi wood window rot repair replacement

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